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Lucid Mind fuses classical and transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and art as a collaborative effort in explaining vague spiritual ideas as lucidly as possible. Lucid Mind acknowledges the importance of both awareness and clear thinking while focusing on mindfulness and consciousness expansion.

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What is mindfulness meditation?

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What is the real meaning of dreams?

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Source Creativity

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What are dream machines?

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lucid dreaming

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How to Lucid Dream
Learn how to lucid dream in 4 detailed components...
About Lucid Dreams
History of lucid dreams which lead to ingenious experiments that can monitor dream control using electro-oculogram to measure eye movements in dreams...
Creative Inspiration
Access creative inspiration from the source: Extraordinary ideas while remaining sane
Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness meditation is the ability to be aware of whatever you are doing in a particular moment distinguished by vividness of functioning and experiences...does it sound boring?
Lucid Mind Blog
The Lucid Mind blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes about lucid dreaming and mindfulness to the lucid-mind.com Web site. Subscribe here.
About Dreams
Only learning about dreams will make your understanding of life more complete...
What Do Dreams Mean
what do dreams mean if you look deep enough? Understand why we dream first, then discover the meaning of your dream experiences
Dream Machines
Dream machines - lucid dreaming technological aid, that can greatly increase your chances to lucid dream tonight!
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Lucid mind events around London including workshops and courses in meditation, mindfulness and lucid dreaming
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