Your complete guide to ‘How to lucid dream’ in 4 components

In their attempt to learn how to lucid dream, most people forget or skip or never learn about some of the steps important for lucid dreaming induction and wonder why they can’t have many lucid dreams. NOT YOU! You will be well prepared for success.

Component 1. Before your induction

Improve your dream recall. Good dream recall necessary prerequisite! If don’t remember your dreams or remember only fragments, go to Improve your dream recall first. This stage alone may take you several days or even weeks.

See The lucidity spectrum for more details on why is memory and awareness so closely linked.

Component 2. How to lucid dream: The techniques

There are two main methods for learning how to lucid dream. You can choose either of them that better fits your lifestyle, experiment with either or both. 

Direct transition - Enter the dream directly from waking without loosing your consciousness (falling unconsciously asleep first). You will have to break your sleep for this, getting up after about 6 hours of sleeping, staying up for about an hour and going back to bed. By breaking your sleep, you will need more overall undisturbed ‘sleep’ time for this so it is good to practice at weekends when you don’t have to get up too early. Even though this induction is the more challenging from the two methods, direct induction is the most reliable one to learn how to lucid dream. Learn the exact steps for direct transition to the lucid state here.

Indirect transition - Go to sleep, start dreaming, and at some point you will become lucid. So the transition to lucid dreaming is not directly from the waking state. This method is not as reliable as the direct induction but it is less time consuming though requires more daytime preparations such as reality checks. Learn the indirect transition here.

Component 3. Preparation for the induction

Learning about how to lucid dream should never rely on luck or random events. Prepare yourself for the techniques here.

Component 4. In the lucid state

Turn your cognition back on while in a lucid dream.

To get the most out of your lucid experience, you need some concrete practical guidance on how to switch your cognition every time you lucid dream so it becomes progressively easier every time. Attaining clarity in lucid dreaming is a indispensible component in learning about how to lucid dream.

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