Lucid dreaming MP3 -The Bridge

The Bridge is a FREE lucid dreaming MP3 recording that uses sound and voice technology for an effective and reliable induction of lucid dreams.

Have you been trying various techniques for lucid dreaming induction but with no luck?
Or would you like to have lucid dreams more often and reliably?

Most people give up lucid dreaming because they put so much effort into their practice with no results.

Sometimes lucid dreams seems like hard work. You may have been trying for weeks but you're only getting tired and are loosing motivation.  

Every unsuccessful attempt to lucid dream reinforces future unsuccessful attempt.

So it is important that you learn how to lucid dream reliably.  The point is not to have lucid dreams all the time, but to have them when you want to have them. And for that you need an effective tool, at least to begin with.

Mastering your mind is not trying to control it, beg it or ordering it. It is working harmoniously with your subconsciousness, awareness and brain chemistry to create the right conditions for lucid dreams to happen. 

You don’t need to try any harder, you just need to use a tool that utilizes your own brainpower in an effective, step by step method!

That’s why I developed The Bridge, after much research and experiments on myself and others, I'd like to present it to you now as my gift to you. I am committed to help you to be more aware, expansive and creative and lucid dreaming is an extraordinary vehicle to deliver that. 

How does it work?

The Bridge is a lucid dreaming MP3 file which consists of three parts:

  1. I will guide you to progressively relax your whole body. 
  2.  I will take you on a journey of metaphorical visualization which will help you to keep your mind alert. You will also reinforce your intention to lucid dream throughout the recording.
  3. You will let your body fall asleep while hearing periods of silence and bell sounds spaced several minutes apart, leaving your mind hovering on the threshold between dreaming and waking. This will allow your body to go even deeper into sleep while your mind slips consciously into the dreaming world.

Normally, we loose our consciousness before we enter the dream state without even noticing. 

When you use the Bridge exactly as described, you will enter the dream state fully conscious straight from waking, or suddenly, while dreaming, you will become lucid within the duration of the recording (app.110min) or shortly after.

When you download the Bridge, you will also receive access to a FREE PDF, explaining the process in detail. 

Master your mind with lucid dreaming.

Most people fail to have a lucid dream because they skip one or more steps required by the process.  Lucid dreaming requires a certain degree of mastering your mind.  By following all the steps exactly as they are described here, you will send your subconscious mind a message that you really want to lucid dream. If you skip any of them, your mind will sabotage you at the first opportunity, and will create excuses and justifications for your lack of commitment and motivation.

So what are the steps in a nutshell?

1. Go to bed and set your alarm after 4.5 or 6 hours.

2. Wake up to the alarm and get out of bed.

Stay up for 30-90 minutes. You can read...

      ...or meditate

4. When you feel sleepy again...

5. go back to bed and listen to The Bridge.

Do not move!

NOTE: these steps only show a brief description of lucid dreaming induction. The full method is described in the PDF Crossing The Bridge which also includes a Pre-induction checklist.

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